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Make Hope Visible
‘They tell of the power of your awesome works and I will proclaim your great deeds’ Psalm 145:6



HELP US REACH 1,000,000

We are seeking a million stories of answered prayer. The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a new national landmark being built just outside Birmingham. It will be seen over 500,000 times every week, standing as a testimony to the faithfulness of God in the lives of individuals and our nation.

What makes it so special is that each of its 1-million bricks will be linked to a real answered prayer submitted by people like you. Visitors will be able to use digital technology to read the stories and hear about God's goodness. Eternal Wall will stand for hundreds of years, passing our testimonies down through the generations.

"God has healed me.."

'I have suffered from depression, to varying degrees over many years. 5 years ago it culminated in 18 months of insomnia and me losing my job as a Primary School Teacher. Over several months of prayer, and healing - God has healed me and promised to walk with me through any further episodes of depression. I have now resumed work as a teacher, loving my job and helping many other women in sharing my story.'

"God is the perfect loving Father"

'As I was thinking about my relationship with my Dad I told God that I didn't recall Dad ever saying sorry to me. I left this with God realising that we don't always remember things accurately. A while later Dad came to visit. I can't remember the situation but I do clearly remember Dad saying sorry to me. I believe that this was an answer to prayer and was really blessed. God is the perfect loving Father.'

"He eyesight has improved"

'A lady had suffered from near-sightedness and had had to wear spectacles since she was a child. While receiving prayer at the healing session today she turned to look again at her healing session sheet and discovered that her eyesight appeared to have improved by about 30%. She is believing for this to improve even more and agreed to be followed up with.'

“And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by the power of their testimony.” 

Revelation 12:11

Dunkirk – A series of incredible answered prayers

In this video, the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer founder Richard Gamble, tells a fascinating story of the scenes which unfolded during World War II and the battle of Dunkirk. Let this inspire you to think of a time where you have made a prayer to God and it has been answered in some way.

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Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

 Every single one of the million bricks in Eternal Wall will represent a story of Jesus answering someone’s prayer. Visible from nearly six miles away and seen by over 500,000 journeys a week, Eternal Wall will be the largest symbol of hope in the world.

  • “Incredible to think… about how many answered prayers are held within this initiative.”

  • “Eternal Wall will be a permanent reminder of the power embedded in prayer, a power that produces an irrepressible hope enabling the scaling of any mountain. It will also be a lasting symbol of what faith can accomplish.”

    The Rev'd Yinka Oyekan, Baptists Together
  • “I think it will make a big impact on the national consciousness. It’s a reflection of the fact that many, many people in Britain today, as well as in our history, have experienced answered prayer...”

    The Rt Hon. Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham
  • “Eternal Wall will be an amazing witness to the fact that God can be completely trusted and that the cries of our nation can bring about change. We are privileged to be a partner in this venture.”

    David Hart, Try Praying
  • “Its soaring sculptural form, meaningful elegant variety of spaces and clever use of the site, has the inspiring wow-factor to engage and enthral visitors.”

    Renato Benedetti, Director and Chair of the RIBA judging panel
  • “This project to build a wall declaring the testimonies of Jesus... is one of the most exciting, brave and adventurous building projects of our times. 'If walls could talk,' well this one will and it will tell of the wonders of our God!”

    Paul Manwaring, Bethel Church
  • "From the time God miraculously healed her, she believed He could do anything. She never lost her 'childlike faith', praying first, believing fully, then joyously testifying. I want that to be remembered to encourage generations to come."

    Don Silber, Sponsoring Unsung Hero June Silber
  • “Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer has the potential to touch people’s lives beyond its physical presence. By generating excess income, it can help spread hope more widely, blessing those in need.”

    Dickie Davis CB CBE, Former Director General, British Army Chair Of Trustees, Eternal Wall Of Answered Prayer
  • “This landmark will serve as a place of hope for many, and one that will help us remember the Christian heritage of our nation.”

    Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands
  • “A million people will come together to crowd create this incredible piece of art with their stories of hope. Our desire is that those who visit will see how God can bring peace in life’s storms and be encouraged to think about the power and relevance of prayer. We are confident that one individual’s answered prayer can be another person’s hope.”

    Richard Gamble, Eternal Wall Of Answered Prayer